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NDIS Funding Categories: A Series

Over the next few weeks we'll be releasing a series of blog posts in relation to NDIS funding categories that cover the questions of what funding categories are available and what can they be used for?

NDIS funding is so broad and there are many ways that it can be interpreted, so let us help you.

A list of the funding categories available in NDIS plans that we'll be explaining over the coming weeks are:

Core Supports -

Assistance with Daily Life

Assistance with Social & Community Participation



Capacity Building Supports -

Support Coordination

Improved Living Arrangements

Increased Social & Community Participation

Finding & Keeping a Job

Improved Relationships

Improved Health & Wellbeing

Improved Learning

Improved Life Choices

Improved Daily Living

Capital Supports -

Assistive Technology

Home Modifications

Have any specific questions that you'd like to see answered in our blog posts? Contact us at or on 07 4334 0002.

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