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Capacity Building Supports - Improved Health & Wellbeing

This is the tenth instalment in our NDIS Funding Categories series where we discuss what plan categories are available and what they can be used for.

The first 4 blogs in the series covered Core Supports and we're now moving on to Capacity Building Supports. The sixth instalment is about Improved Health & Wellbeing funding.

Part 10 - Improved Health & Wellbeing

Improved Health & Wellbeing funding is intended to help participants improve their health and wellbeing in cases where this is impacted by their disability.

Supports funded under this category are:

- Physical wellbeing activities such as exercise physiology or a personal trainer

- Dietetics; must be provided by a dietician

While this funding category can be used to fund the cost of the above supports, it cannot be used to fund exercise equipment or gym memberships.

For more information about this funding and what it can be used for - contact us at or on 07 4334 0002.

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