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Invoicing - What's Required?

A question that is asked often regarding invoices is - what information is required to be on the invoice?

There are 7 main requirements as listed below. Including all of this information on your invoice ensures timely processing of the invoice and compliance with the NDIS requirements for invoicing.

  1. The name and ABN of the business - it's important to check that the ABN entered on your invoice is correct and matches what is on the ABN Lookup. Your ABN is submitted to the NDIS with the payment request and if it's not valid or is incorrect, the payment may be delayed until the correct ABN has been provided.

  2. A unique invoice number.

  3. The name of the participant and their NDIS number if possible.

  4. A description of the service provided and the NDIS line item number if possible.

  5. The date the invoice was issued and the dates that service was provided - these are both important so if service was provided on a different date it must be specified. If service was provided on multiple dates, all dates must be specified.

  6. How many hours of support were provided and what the charge out rate is, ensuring that this is in line with the NDIS price guide and support catalogue.

  7. The total amount of the invoice and the GST amount if applicable.

For further information about the invoicing requirements, visit the NDIS website or contact Hervey Bay Plan Management on 07 4334 0002.

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