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Capacity Building Supports - Finding & Keeping a Job

This is the eighth instalment in our NDIS Funding Categories series where we discuss what plan categories are available and what they can be used for.

The first 4 blogs in the series covered Core Supports and we're now moving on to Capacity Building Supports. The fourth instalment is about Finding & Keeping a Job funding.

Part 8 - Finding & Keeping a Job

Finding & Keeping a Job funding can be used for employment-related support, training assessments that may help a participant on the NDIS to find and keep a job. This may include school leaver employment supports which are capacity building supports for students who are transitioning from school to employment.

This funding may be used for on the job training to assist the participant to manage the demands of the job, life and work coaches, private recruitment specialists, career counsellors and employment mentors.

While this funding cannot be used to fund a certified education course such as a Cert I, II, III, etc or a diploma, it can be used to fund courses that build a participant's capacity to work.

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